Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Williamsburg Christmas: The Door

This is the wreath I made, inspired by the photos in this book. It's a pre-made balsam wreath to which I added Red Delicious apples, key limes, lotus seed pods, and pine cones.

And yes, it is hanging on the inside of the front door. It hasn't gotten above freezing (or much above zero, for that matter!) since I made it, and the book cautions against putting fruit decorations out where they might freeze. Oh the joys of living in the Rockies instead of the balmy, humid southern east coast!

On Monday, we finally gave up on putting it outside, and moved it from its holding place on the coat closet doorknob to the inside of the front door. I think I rather like having a wreath on the inside...we get to enjoy it so much more, especially since we never actually come in the front door! (Check back tomorrow for more decorations!)

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Elizabeth in Alaska said...

What a gorgeous wreath, April! I love the idea of decorating with fruit.

And, now that I know you have this blog, I shall add it to my google reader. :)