Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drinking smoothies like it's summer

I love a smoothie for lunch on a summer afternoon. It's not quite summer here yet, but I'm drinking them this week anyway. (My motivation was that e had some spinach in the fridge that I knew was going to go bad.) I'm typing this and sipping at the same time...mmmmmmm...

Here are my highly-technical ingredients:

♥ A couple spoonfuls of plain (non-sweetened) yogurt
♥ About 1/2 can of coconut milk
♥ About a cup of fresh spinach
♥ A large drizzle of maple syrup
♥ Three frozen bananas

Blend the first four until the spinach is all blended, then add the bananas. I like to add a nice little dollop of coconut milk on top to make it pretty. I'm all about pretty food.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Get Home Projects Done {When You are Really Busy!}

I am a regular reader of "The Inspired Room" (and I've combed the archives there more than once since we bought our new house!). Today's post is How to Get Home Projects Done {When You are Really Busy!}, which was exactly what I needed to hear. In the midst of research papers, exams, being self-employed, and fulfilling my ministry responsibilities, the just the idea of getting any arranging/organizing/decorating done in the new house has begun to make me feel tired. It doesn't help that I am a (recovering) perfectionist, and want everything to be done and "just right" (as Goldilocks would say) all at once. Melissa's post today helped bring me some perspective, and not just for home decorating but any projects I have going in life.

Where I'm From Wednesday

Where I'm from, getting from the parking lot into church on Sunday requires a short walk through a traditionally-landscaped Japanese garden.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving...and the beginning of adventures in remodeling/decorating

My parents signed the papers yesterday, making this house officially ours. Our current plan is to continue living in our current (paid-for) house while we do renovations on the new one, and move into the new one only after we have either finished remodeling the kitchen or we find renters for our current house (whichever comes first). Not only is the house peachy-keen (er...not so much) on the outside, but it is a lot of shades of peach on the inside. Now, we have nothing especially against peach, but this is a bit MUCH.

On my way home from dropping my sister off at work this morning, I picked up some paint chips and color idea booklets at Home Depot. I think I have *almost* convinced my family to give me free reign to decorate and choose colors. Almost. ;-) Of course, I will want their input.

I have only been to the house once, when we went for a second showing with our real estate agent. That was about two months ago. I really want to get over there to see what is coming up in the garden! Maybe this weekend...