Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back and gone again

Just yesterday, I returned from the HomeschoolALUMNI national reunion in Larkspur, CO. In just a couple of hours, I'm heading back to the classroom to start the school year.

I discovered last semester that full-time school and blogging don't really mix very well for me. When one adds to that the fact that I am also being employed full-time as a homemaker, and will continue working part time as a seamstress, I don't see too much blogging going on in the coming months. Maybe *some* blogging...just not too much. ;-)

Happy end-of-summer, everyone!


Jessica said...

Have a fun semester! What are you taking?

April said...

Thanks! I'll try...

Right now, I am only taking Anatomy & Physiology, but Lord-willing, I will hear from Liberty Online soon and get registered for classes there.