Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New House Progress

We have been living in the Big Pink House for two months now. Six weeks ago, a demolition crew appeared at our door at barely 8AM to begin the process of remodeling our kitchen. We are finally, almost, nearly done. Care to see?

First, let's all remember the BEFORE (cue dramatic music):

Notice the worn, light oak floors, pickled wood cabinets, clashing, heavy dark granite (which we learned is called "Ubatuba"...heehee...), and little counter space considering the size of the kitchen. Also, the only oven was a microwave-sized wall oven barely large enough for a cookie sheet, much less one of my sister's giant cake pans or a Thanksgiving turkey. Most of the island was covered by a barely-functional and impossible-to-clean glass cooktop.

In progress, the entire kitchen was gutted to the bare walls

And now for the AFTER:

Cherry cabinets with a cranberry glaze, light-colored granite, and refinished floors. I'm also so happy about having a new refrigerator that DOESN'T make dying moose sounds (as my sister called them).

On the other side of the kitchen is the new gas range and full-size wall oven

Obviously, there is still some work to do. The light that used to be above the eat-in table will not always dangle from the ceiling like that. ;-) One day, I hope we will get rid of it entirely and put in pendant lights above the island. Also, the holes in the wall behind the sink? Those aren't staying, either. ;-) We haven't picked out tile for the backsplash yet, but hopefully that will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

Ooohh, the cherry wood cabinets are beautiful and I like the counter top colors too.
I am sure the new kitchen is being thoroughly enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the new look! It's an amazing transformation!! So happy for you!