Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Review: Smart Women Finish Rich

Once I got past the slightly worldly title of this book ;-), it was definitely a smart investment of my time to read it! Not just for career women or singles, this book is really useful for every woman from the stay-at-home mom whose monetary income is $0 all the way to the CEO of a company. It explains money management for the perspective of a woman. We all know that men and women look at things differently...that's Biblical! David Bach explains to women how to manage their money (or get on board with their husbands in managing their family's money) in a way that is consistent with what women value. My favorite chapters were the ones on putting your money where your values are, the latte factor and what to do about it, and using the three-basket approach to financial planning.

Every woman should read this book, even women who are happily married and taken care of financially. Understanding your own or your family's finances really will give you peace of mind. I feel a lot more qualified to make smart financial decisions now, and I have already started implementing some of the suggestions from the book. More are to come in the future.

The book is really a fast read, and definitely worth your time.

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