Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First roses of the summer

We've had several weeks of thunderstormy days, but today felt like summer! My "Peace" roses celebrated by opening in a panoply of buttery petals! Both bushes are obscured this year by several "Malva" plants I had in the bed last year. I didn't realize they were perennials, and this year they're taller than my second-year rosebushes. Oops...I keep telling my mom that eventually, the roses will be taller. Until then, I'll just cut all the roses and bring them inside so we can see and enjoy them! I am so pleased by how vigorous "Peace" and her sister are this year. I can't say the same for one of my third-year rosebushes. It has produced the loveliest blooms for the last two summers...six-inch blossoms with a damask fragrance that would fill the house, but all the canes died this winter. All I have left is the new growth. We'll see if it survives the summer.

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Joanna Kristina said...

What beautiful blooms! Spring and summer bring such pretty flowers; our rose garden is all in bloom now too and we are enjoying every minute of the view!